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5 reasons why you shouldn’t use Paperlike for iPad

I don’t like to write negative articles but I’ve seen a lot of artists complain about this popular product, and I want you guys to be properly informed. It’s about Paperlike.

If you don’t know:

Paperlike is a brand of screen protectors that imitates the feel and texture of paper. Its screen protector gets rid of the slippery surface which digital artists don’t like. Due to Paperlike’s extensive marketing, it is one of the leading brands in screen protectors for the iPad.

And although the idea is great, more and more people have been complaining. Here are 5 reasons (according to customer reviews) why you shouldn’t use Paperlike for the iPad.

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1. Paperlike is overpriced

Paperlike is not only excellent at imitating paper surface texture, it’s also excellent at marketing.

Due to smart marketing techniques (like getting famous art YouTubers to promote Paperlike), Paperlike became hugely popular among digital artists. Because of this, they can afford to ask for a higher price than their competitors and still make sales.

Which has some customers believe it is overpriced.

For example, Paperlike 2.1 (which is a set of 2 screen protectors) will cost you $44,99. A popular competitor of Paperlike, Bersem Paperfeel screen protector (a two-pack) will cost you $9,87.

2. Paperlike destroys the tip of your expensive apple pencil

This is probably the number one most complained-about feature of Paperlike:

Using a Paperlike screen protector shortens the lifespan of the tip of your Apple pencil. Due to the rough surface of Paperlike, some artists have reported needing to replace their pencil tips (bi)monthly.

And as you might know, when having to purchase Apple pencil tips regularly, it becomes expensive.


3. Paperlike is hard to install

Paperlike has been known for being hard to apply. Since this screen protector adheres fully to your screen, you must be careful applying it. Meaning you need to eliminate dust and air bubbles before you commit to sticking it on. If not, those air bubbles are encased in your screen.

Luckily there are screen protectors available that use magnets that eliminate air bubbles.

4. Paperlike affects screen clarity

Due to the nature of a paper-like surface, Paperlike dulls the screen of your iPad. Customers have reported their screens not being as bright as before. As an artist, this might impact you more than if you were to use Paperlike for taking notes.

This also may become annoying for when you use your iPad for other things such as watching Youtube or Netflix.

5. There have been reviews Paperlike scratches easily

There have been reports that Paperlike protectors scratch easily. These scratches are not only annoying to see, but also inconvenient when going over with your pencil. Since the protector adheres to your screen, it’s hard to easily take off and replace.

Especially for the price.

Is Paperlike worth it?

As you can see, some of the points made here are not necessarily Paperlike exclusive, but it goes for paper-like screen protectors in general.

Paperlike is worth it when you are willing to replace your Apple Pencil’s tip regularly (based on how often you use it), sacrifice screen clarity, and pay a high price in comparison to its competitors.

All paper-like protectors will cause damage to your pencil. However, in combination with Paperlike’s high price, you might want to consider switching to a more budget-friendly option.

That being said, they do seem to do extensive research and develop good products. So if you do decide to get Paperlike, it’s of good quality.

paperlike for ipad

Paperlike alternative

But what to use when you don’t like the slippery surface of an iPad?

An alternative to Paperlike would be to use a silicone tip on your iPad pencil. A silicon tip creates friction and traction. This eliminates the use of a screen protector and it avoids damage to your Apple pencil.

It is also a lot cheaper than a screen protector.

If you do really want to use a screen protector other than Paperlike, here are recommendations for screen protectors by people who do not like Paperlike:

What kinds of iPad screen protectors are there?

There are 3 kinds of screen protectors for iPads:

  • Glossy/regular screen protectors
    • Think of the ones you use on your phone
  • Matte screen protectors
    • These screen protectors are a more gentle alternative to a paper-like texture
  • Paper-like textured screen protectors
    • This kind of screen protector imitates paper texture
    • Are tough on your apple pencil tip (no matter what brand)

Some brands claim to have better clarity and less abrasive features than other brands. But it’s hard to say because how someone uses their pencil is also a factor.

Related questions to Paperlike

Here are some Q&A’s about the brand Paperlike:

Does paperlike affect apple pencil tip?

Paperlike affects the apple pencil tip because of its rough texture. This may lead to frequent replacement of the Apple Pencil’s tip.

Why is paperlike so expensive?

Paperlike is expensive due to marketing, popularity, and the brand’s extensive research and development of good quality products.

I hope I helped you reconsider using Paperlike. Again, Paperlike isn’t a bad product, it’s just that it seems overpriced and paper-like protectors come with a cost. Since it’s such a popular brand I want people to know the pros and cons.

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See you next week!

♡ Laura

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