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5 easy pumpkin drawings for Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween! Okay, technically Halloween is 31 days away but it’s Spooky Month nonetheless. Today I’ll show you 5 easy peasy Halloween pumpkin drawings. Also known as Jack o lanterns :) They all follow the same steps. You can draw the pumpkin that you want or use elements from each different idea to create your very own unique pumpkin. Let’s start!

5 Easy pumpkin drawings for Halloween 2012

How to draw a Halloween pumpkin

So, for starters, you need to draw a pumpkin. Follow the steps in this tutorial (should only take a few minutes) and then we can start drawing some spoopy faces!

1. How to draw the classic Jack O Lantern


Divide your pumpkin in half by drawing a centerline. Make sure that it’s light enough so you can erase it later. It’s a guideline so we can draw our face symmetrically.  

jack o lantern drawing

Facial features


Let’s draw the eyes. See how I curved the outer part of the eye along the curves of the pumpkin? Replicate it on the other side.


The nose is a simple triangle. 


jack o lantern drawing


Let’s draw a mouth. Then, add some teeth. Notice that the upper teeth have a gap, so if the jaw would be closed the bottom teeth fill in the gaps. Then erase the line above the teeth as the picture suggests.

Base color

Here’s how your mouth should look like:

pumpkin drawings

Add a black basecolor.


Next, add a lightsource from within the pumpkin: Add an orange/yellow color on top of your base color. The centre should be brighter (more saturated and lighter in value). 

jack o lantern drawing

Rim light

Let’s add some thickness to our pumpkin by adding a rim. I choose a bright orange to let the viewer know there’s a light source behind it. Add a dark brown shadow on the rim to give it some interest.

pumpkin drawings


As a final touch let’s add some texture to the light source to  match the rest of the pumpkin illustration. If you work digitally, use a splatterbrush in a slightly darker color. 


To really get into the Halloween mood let’s play with the environment. Add a black color to your background.

Jack o lantern illustration

Next, add some reflective dark orange/red light right below the pumpkin. Then, on top of that, add some contact shadow right below the pumpkin. Now it looks like it’s actually sitting on the floor!

As a final touch I added some shadow along the rim of the entire pumpkin. Now it looks like it’s emerging from the dark.. 

Halloween wallpaper

Let’s make some Jack O Lantern variations! I used the exact same technique as I used above. Refer back to it when needed!

2. How to draw a cute Jack O Lantern illustration

For this one you can keep your centre line. I deleted it so you can see everything better. Draw two half circles for the eyes, and another half circle for the mouth.

cute jack o lantern illustration

Then, fill in the lines with a black base layer. After that, add a glowing rim to the edges of your lines (bright orange + darker edges).

Cute jack o lantern

Add a yellow and orange light + some texture for a cohesive look and you’re done!

Scary Halloween Pumpkin Drawing

To make this one scary I added a lot of wiggly lines. Draw the eyes first. Note how they follow the curves of the pumpkin. (Draw one half first, so you don’t get overwhelmed!) 


Next, draw two ”teardrops” for the nostrils. The mouth curvers from the sides to the middle. Remember how we approached our traditional jack o lantern. This is the same technique. Use random wiggly lines to get a scary effect!

scary pumpkin illustration

Add a black baselayer. Next, add a glowing rim.

scary pumpkin drawing

Finnish with a bright light inside + texture the light!

Jack Skellington inspired Pumpkin illustration

This one is very simple! Start with two slanted ovals, slightly pointed to each other. The nose are two tilted teardrops. 


Draw the curve fot the mouth. Next, draw short ”lines” all across our mouth line. These lines are bulkier in the middle and taper on the ends.

jack skellington pumpkin

Add a black base layer. Make sure there is enough black on the lines of the mouths. There needs to be space for the rim.


Let’s add the a glowing rim!

jack skellington pumpkin

Finally add a light source. And a bit of texture! 

IT inspired Jack o Lantern

So, this one is a little different. Draw two eyes (following the curve of the pumpkin). I erased the lines that go through the pumpkin. 


I decided against a nose. I did draw it but it looked too silly for me. Experiment to see if you want one or not!

Next, draw the mouth. There’s a line that goes down and up through the middle of the eyes. Start with one side and mirror it on the other.


IT jack o lantern

IT kind of has buck teeth.. Draw them. Next, add a black base layer and add your rim light.

We need to add white paint to really show it’s, you know, IT. Draw some random curves and color it white. I did not color the stem. Next, give the white color some texture. 

IT jack o lantern

Color the line that goes through the eyes red. Finally add a lightsource + texture and you’re done!


I don’t know if I like the line trough the teeth so I erased it in the final pic. It kinda looks bunny-esque to me. But hey, I love buns so I might leave it next time, lol!


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See you next week,


♡ Laura

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