how to make any skin color

Learn the skin tone formula to create any skin color

This e-book teaches you everything you need to know about creating skin tones. The best part is that this skin tone theory applies to every single art medium! From colored pencils to oils, to pastels, digital, and more. 

how to make skin color
how to make skin color

Chapters in this book:

What you will learn:

The How to Make Skin Color E-book consists out of 40 pages. The previously mentioned 8 chapters + a chapter full of ready made swatches for you to study and use. After reading this book you’ll be able to create skin tones within litteral seconds: from hyper-realism to stylized. The options are endless.

how to make skin color

Let’s not wait and start creating!

Nice to meet you, I’m Laura

Since I found Oleander Studios back in 2020 I’ve been creating articles every since. The one thing people always seem to read, save and share are my skin tone tutorials. I’ve made an e-book explaining everything you need to know so now you won’t ever have to look up a tutorial again.

I have always loved sharing my passion about creating art with the world. Ten thousands of artists learn through my articles each month. I put hours of hard work and love into making this E-book so you can get the most out of it.

Learn from previous readers & hear what they say about my teachings:

“You some how summed color theory into a easier way to understand. Thank you.”
Sherri M.
''WOW! What an amazing work you do there, clarifying basic color theory concepts in super simple terms and graphics for total beginners like me! Thanks a lot, it is super useful!!''
Mariana V.
“... I'm really enthusiastic about color theory and this is one of the better introductions I've found on the subject online. Keep it up :)''
Cody B.

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