I love any form of art: Gouache, pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, you name it and I’ve done it. Over the course of the years I’ve found supplies that work for me and I want to share them with you:

Art canvas I recommend

Art paper I recommend

Tip for buying art paper: buying larger sheets of paper is cheaper than buying smaller sheets. You can cut them yourself and get more value for your money!

Paints I recommend

Paint brushes I recommend

  • Princeton Velvet touch mixed media brushes
    • The entire range of Princeton brushes is great
    • These are synthetic (I only use synthetic brushes which in my opinion are as good as animal-hair brushes)
  • Arteza watercolor brush pens
    • These synthetic pens have a reservoir that you fill with water
    • Tip: I fill these with rubbing alcohol which I use to smooth out my Prismacolor colored pencil drawings!

Digital Art supplies I recommend

Colored Pencils I recommend

Graphite pencils I recommend

  • Blackwing Palomino graphite pencils
    • These are the Rolls Royce of graphite pencils
    • Many famous illustrators/animators use these pencils including Disney legends
  • Derwent Graphipc 24 pencils set
    • I always recommend getting a set of a full hardness range. This set goes from 9H-9B this way you can build up layers for highly realistic drawings

If you are looking for other art brands that are worth your money you can see list of them here: which art brands are best. (This article also includes my personal recommendations which I listed above :) )