You are currently viewing Christmas art challenge 2022 | Christmas lyrics as prompts

Christmas art challenge 2022 | Christmas lyrics as prompts

If you’re looking for a fun December Christmas art challenge you came to the right place.

The Christmas lyric challenge is a drawing challenge held in December of each year, in which you have to create an illustration based on a Christmas lyric prompt. The challenge was first held in 2021 so this will be the second year you can participate.

Curious about the rules? Keep on reading!

Why did I create the Christmas lyric challenge?

I am well aware there are a bunch of December drawing challenges out there, but I haven’t come across a challenge that is based on Christmas lyrics.

This year (2022) for Inktober I also created a lyric-based prompt list and it was a huge success! Over 700 people downloaded the prompt list. Probably because the list was based on songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

The Christmas lyric challenge will be of course based on Christmas songs.

Christmas art challenge 2022

The Christmas lyric art challenge is all about having fun and creating art in the spirit of Christmas. Interpret the prompt any way you like. Nothing you come up with is wrong!

Post an illustration once every week of December using the prompt list.

Christmas lyric challenge prompt list 2022:

christmas art challenge 2022

The rules are as follows:

  • Post an illustration on social media based on the current week’s prompt
    • Week 1 is the first week of December, week 2 the second week of December etc.
  • You may use any art medium that you like
    • Use acrylics, inks, colored pencils, digital… all is allowed!
  • Upload your artwork to social media using the following hashtags: #christmaslyricchallenge #clc2022 #oleanderstudios
  • Feel free to tag me on Instagram @Oleandered so I can give you a shout-out (not required)

I decided to pick out 4 prompts. Last year for this challenge I did 25 prompts but that was eh… stressful. But some of you actually did every single day!

This year I like to use a prompt only once a week. This way, you:

  • Can take your time to create a nice illustration
  • Don’t stress as much during the already busy December month

I can’t wait to start!

Christmas lyric challenge 2021

Here you can find last year’s Christmas lyric challenge. Feel free to use it for this year. I saw that some of you actually saved last years prompt list.

Probably because I’m a little late uploading this year’s list… I’m sorry :’)

Anyway, feel free to tag me. I’m looking forward to seeing your art! Feel free to ask any questions regarding this art challenge in the comment section down below.

Also, if you like to receive art gifts this Christmas, feel free to send your family this link with 41 Christmas gifts for artists so they’ll know what to buy you. And if you need me to add something to that list… I got you. Send me a message ;)

Happy Holidays!

♡ Laura

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