You are currently viewing Christmas art challenge 2021 | 25 days of Christmas lyrics

Christmas art challenge 2021 | 25 days of Christmas lyrics

As Christmas season is upon us I decided to create an art challenge. December is my favourite time of year so why not combine it with my favourite hobby? This year’s Christmas art challenge 2021 will be so much fun. Keep reading for the rules and instructions!

Christmas art challenge 2021

Everyday from December 1st to December 25th we are going to make art inspired by a line from a Christmas song. I’ve compiled 25 lyrics for you to get creative!

25 day Christmas Lyrics Art Challenge

Christmas art challenge 2021

Rules for the 25 days of Christmas lyrics challenge

  • Upload every day from December 1st to December 25th artwork inspired by the Christmas lyrics provided in the image above

    • E.g. For day 1, the prompt is ‘’I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’’. Day 2 the prompt is ‘’Sleigh bells in the snow’’ etc.

  • You don’t have to upload every single day if you can’t. You can also do it every other day, or pick your favorites to post on that particular day.

  • Make the 2nd and 3rd slide in your post the image provided with the lyrics so others can join in on the fun as well

  • Use the hashtag #oleandered and #25dclc to get noticed and receive a shout out

  • You may tag me @oleandered in it so I can see (optional)

The images below are the correct square size for Instagram:

Christmas art challenge 2021
Christmas art challenge 2021

Tap and hold to save the image (or right click and save the image if you’re on desktop!).

It's all about having fun

I know art challenges can be extremely stressfull. Just read about how this year’s Mermay went for me. That’s why I want everyone who participates in this challenge to not feel the pressure to do every single day. December is already a stressful month. This challenge is all about having fun! Don’t feel like you need to deliver a masterpiece each day. Simple sketches are more than enough!

Tips for 25 Day Christmas Lyric Challenge

  • Start in November! This will take off the pressure to meet every ”deadline”
  • Ask friends to join 
    • Camaraderie helps getting you through it
  • Pick out your favorite days instead of doing the whole thing
  • Plan time to spend on your art for this challenge
    • This will make you more likely to succeed
  • Only keep going if you’re still enjoying it!

I hope you will join me in this challenge and make December even more fun :)


Hope to enjoy your artwork soon,


♡ Laura

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