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10 must-have art supplies you should get during Black Friday

The craziest day of sales is near so I have compiled a list of 10 black Friday art supplies you should get. Let’s not waste any time- quickly before it’s sold out!

A list of 10 Black Friday art supply deals in 2021

I have scoured the internet and looked for black Friday art supplies. Problem is, many stores only have Black Friday deals on, you know, Black Friday. So it’s a little tricky to say exactly what’s going to be a Black Friday sale.


Nonetheless, I have found a few websites that have a pre-sale going on or show which product will be a black Friday deal (depending on your country of course). Here’s the list:

black friday art supplies

Strathmore’s Artist Tiles are square-shaped pieces of paper. They come in a glued block of either 15cm x 15cm (6’’ x 6’)’ or 10cm x 10cm (4’’x4’’). The small size makes it less intimidating for artists to create artwork.


 They also are great for tileable work! I usually cut my paper in square format by hand so I’m definitely getting this during Black Friday. There are different kinds of paper, so choose the right one for you!

The very popular Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade is a coloring book for adults. (I mean it doesn’t explicitly say it’s for adults, but it’s definitely not an ordinary coloring book!). 


The coloring pages are very detailed and show recognizable Disney scenes. The book features 63 line-art illustrations with its original artwork right next to it. Get ready to make your own rendition of your favorite Disney characters! is a website that sells millions of books with worldwide free delivery. Currently, they have a ‘’30 days of sale’’ going on. I always look on this website to shop for ‘’The art of…’’ books (e.g.The Art of Brave). 

These kinds of books show the concept art of movies and games. It’s an excellent source of inspiration and a must-have if you want to learn how to create scenic illustrations

Paul Rubens Artist-Grade Watercolor Paints are absolutely stunning. This one has been on my wishlist for quite some time. Even the packaging is lovely! The paints are lightfast and have artist-grade quality. This means the paints are lightfast so you can sell your artwork. The colors are very pure and pigmented. A must-have if you ask me!

The Sakura Pigma Ink pens are the pens when it comes to outlining. They’re like the Copics of fine-liners. The set comes with 6 pens of various sizes. The black ink is waterproof making it excellent to outline your watercolor work!

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Domestika is an online platform where creatives share their knowledge by creating courses for you and me. I personally have taken a course or 2 and must say it’s worth the money. They currently have a Black Friday sale going on: most courses are on sale for €9,90! I do have to ‘’warn you’’: Pretty much all of the time these courses cost around €9,90. 


They have an ongoing marketing strategy in which they count down until the sale is over. However, they reset it the next day. So this Black Friday sale isn’t really a Black Friday sale if you ask me… However, it is worth those 10 bucks.

The Crystal Casting Coating is a clear epoxy resin kit. After your artwork is done you pour resin over it, giving your artwork a nice glossy finish. Not only can you use it to protect your work, but you can also make art with it by adding color!

The Arteza Real Brush Pens are watercolor markers. They come in a set of 96(!) vivid non-toxic colors. This set comes with a travel bag and even a handy self-watering watercolor brush!

I’m not 100% sure if this book will be on sale during Black Friday, but I will mention it anyway. The Anatomy For Sculptors books are the best anatomy books I have come across. They are visual books for visual learners, intended for sculptors but also used by illustration artists. Go check it out!

The Gedeo Gilding Art Paint Paste is a water-based substance for gluing gold leaf and flakes onto your artwork. It can be used on a variety of surfaces. It dries to a tacky finish for easy application!

There you have it! Unfortunately not every country has the same Black Friday deals. Even if one of these deals is not available to you I hope I introduced you to some fun art supplies anyway! 


Happy shopping,


♡ Laura


P.s Fancy joining my Christmas Lyric art challenge? It’s going to be fun! :)

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