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How to draw a pumpkin step by step drawing 2021

Happy Autumn! ‘Tis the month of pumpkin spiced lattes, cozy sweathers, pumpkin pie and… fall art! Today I’ll be showing you how to draw a pumpkin step by step. This fun pumpkin illustration is easy enough for kids to follow along (and adults of course!) Even if you can’t work digitally this pumpkin drawing tutorial can easily be followed on paper. Just match your colors on the color chart and have fun!

Tip: If you use pencils or paint you can skip the adding texture part. Traditional media already has lovely texture to it so you don’t need to add it!

How to draw a pumpkin step by step drawing tutorial

Here’s a color chart of all the colors and brushes I use. 

Pumpkin color palette

Prepare your canvas

1. Background

When I think of fall I think of cozy colors. Oranges and yellows. I color the background a nude color to give it a nice overall warm look. Then, I add some texture by choosing a lighter and less saturated color. I use Procreates Medium Nozzle brush under Spraypaints for this. I ‘’spray’’ it all over the background, on a new layer. Adjust the opacity of the layer to get the right look.

how to draw a pumpkin step by step

2. Bounding box

Next, I draw a square. This is the bounding box. The pumpkin will fit within this bounding box. After that draw a centre line. We will have to match everything on the right side to the left side. It helps us get symmetry, but will be erased later. 


If you are drawing digitally you can skip the bounding box and simply use the symmetry option. In Procreate you do this by going to:  

Actions (wrench icon) > Canvas > Drawing Guide > Edit Drawing Guide > Symmetry

How to draw a pumpkin

3. Draw a pumpkin shape

We need to draw the blue shape on each side to get the outline of the pumpkin. The color of the outline is a slightly darker and more saturated color than the base color.


Make sure to  leave some space free for the stem. 

how to draw a pumpkin step by step

4. Add pumkin parts

Now add divisions to your pumpkin shape. I went for 3 divisions. Leave the top free for the stem to attach to the pumpkin!

Base color & stem outline

5. Pumpkin color

Let’s add the base color for our pumpkin. I went for a desaturated dark orange which complements the outline well.

how to draw a pumpkin step by step

6. Draw the pumpkin stem

The stem follows the lines of the pumpkin’s divisions. I kept it slighly shorter than the bounding box but you can make it as long as you want. 

Stem base color & detail

7. Stem base color

Add the base color for your stem. It’s a desaturated dark green. It’s slightly lighter than the stem’s outline.

how to draw a pumpkin step by step

8. Detail

To make this pumpkin look like a pumpkin and not a tomato, we need to add lines to suggest the surface of a pumpkin. Make sure to taper these lines! The color is slightly darker than the base color but lighter than the outline. Follow the contour of your pumpkin. It’s a form of contour hatching after all :)

Textures and highlight

9. Pumpkin texture

Let’s use the same brush we used for the background and let’s add texture, and thus interest, to our pumpkin! I picked a slightly darker and more saturated color on a new layer. After that I adjusted the opacity to make it very subtle.


You might not see a big difference but believe me, it sure does make a big difference! This layer will dull the contour lines which makes for a nice soft organic look.

how to draw a pumpkin step by step

10. Highlight & shadow

To make our pumpkin stand out we will add highlight and shadow. Pick a lighter and more desaturated color than your base color, and then slightly shift the hue towards yellow. Add this color to the middle of your pumpkin using the same spray brush.


Add a darker orange to the bottom of your pumpkin. You can add this on a new layer and then adjust the opacity.

Division shadows & more detail

11. Extra shadows

It’s barely noticable but you can add shadows under the division lines to create that extra 3D effect. I choose to do it very subtle because it fits the illustration style. 

draw a pumpkin

12. Stem texture

Let’s add some texture to the stem ass well. Using the same technique as the pumpkin, we add some spray effect texture in a lighter color. Add some lines for a playful effect.

Finish drawing pumpkin stem

13. Top & dark details

I felt like something was missing on the stem. After looking at reference pictures I noticed that the stems are cut off (duh, Laura!) which results in a lighter color on top. I added an outline to make it clear it’s been cut off.


I also added extra dark contour lines to make the light contour lines stand out!

how to draw a pumpkin

14. Leaf and swirl

So I added this swirly thingy to the left side of the stem. This is what makes a pumpkin a pumkin! I also added a leaf. I don’t know if this is biologically correct, but I liked doing it :’)

Finish & add straw

15. Finish final texture

Add the same base color we used for the stem to the leaf. And for the last time we will add texture to our leaf. I used the same old spray brush in a lighter color. Our pumpkin is done!

draw a pumpkin

16. Straw

To add a little extra to our pumpkin we can add some straw. I used the same brush I used for the outlines and added simple lines. They are slightly tapered. I picked a base color and added the lines coming from under the pumpkin (put your layer below the pumpkin). 


I did the same thing with a lighter and darker color. Make sure to randomize the direction!


You can erase your square if you haven’t already.


Finishing up our final pumpkin illustration

17. Straw shadow

I duplicated my straw layer and then made this layer darker and more saturated. You can do this in Procreate by going:

Adjustments (wand icon) > Hue, Saturation, Brightness > Layer > Drag down the brightness slider > increase saturation

Make sure your shadow layer is below your original layer. Then, slightly move this layer down and to either left or right. Et voila, you have shadow! 


(If you don’t work digitally you can simply draw a darker line near each piece of straw).

draw a pumpkin

18. Cast shadow

And for the last step we add a cast shadow. You don’t really need it since the illustration is flat, but I kinda like it. 

Add some shadow on top of your straw but under the pumpkin. Choose a color that is darker than the straw. Add a shadow under the straw but above your background layer. Choose a color darker than the background layer.

That’s it! You are now the proud owner of your own illustrated pumpkin :) 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned for how to draw a Halloween pumpkin! If you have any questions comment them down below. Tag me on Instagram or use #oleandered so I’can give you a shout out :) 


See ya next week,


♡ Laura

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