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How to easily draw Among Us crewmates

In this step by step tutorial on how to draw Among Us characters, you will learn how to draw your favorite crewmates very quickly. Let’s start!

How to easily draw Among Us crewmate

What is Among Us

Among Us is a popular multiplayer game, in which players are assigned to a specific role. The game is set in space where crewmates must uncover imposters. The game gained a lot of popularity which probably lead you here to learn how to draw Among Us characters.

Draw Among Us characters easily with these steps

Since the characters are very simple and chunky, we are allowed to make our sketches messy. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, these will be easily covered up later!

Step 1: Bounding Boxes

Draw among us
Draw among us 2

1. Let’s start with drawing a square.

2 To make things easier we can divide our square into thirds for easy reference.

Step 2: Expanding Bounding Boxes


1. We add a third of our original square on top of it.

2. Next we add another third of our square to the bottom of our square.

Step 3 Refining


1. We can erase the lines that divided our square into thirds. Now we add 1/4th of our square to the left side. This will be the bounding box of our backpack (is it even a backpack?).

2. Let’s start refining our character. We round the corners of the top section. Since our outlines will be very thick, we must slightly go out of our bounding box to keep the top of our character’s head bulky enough.

Step 4 Adding Legs


7. Now we round off the bottom left part. This will be our left leg.

8. Let’s leave a small gap before we add our second leg. Note that this leg is slightly higher than our first leg due to perspective. Let’s thicken the line which connects our legs to our body (the ”crotch”).

Step 5 Backpack & Visor

9. Now we add the backpack by rounding the edges.

10. At about one-third of the top line of our original square is where the left side of our visor starts. Its rounded shape extends over our bounding boxes. We also have to give our character a round belly to balance out his backpack.

Step 6 Outlining


11. Now for the fun part: Go over the lines and thicken them up. A black sharpie would be perfect for this. The outlines aren’t supposed to be smooth and perfect. That’s what gives this character interest!

12. We can now erase our guidelines.

Step 7 Colorize

You will need 4 colors in total + white (or leave the white of the paper if you don’t have white).

1. Pick any color you want. This will be your main color. I picked red. The characters are pretty saturated, so dont be afraid to pick a strong color.

2. Next we need a darker shade of our main color. I picked a darker red

1. I choose a desaturated blue for the main color of the visor. It almost looks grey. The shadow will be darker and slightly more saturated than our main color, so it looks more blue.

2. You can grab a white marker and paint in the highlight. If you don’t have a marker make sure you preserve the white of the paper to fake a highlight.

That’s it! You’re done! Couldn’t be easier, right?

Customise Among Us Crewmate character

Now that you know how to draw a basic crewmate, here’s some tips to customise your character:

1. Make sure your outlines are consequent: Keep using the same thickness, especially for the outlines. If you draw something in the body your lines can be slightly thinner

2. Don’t go too detailed with your design: the design itself is chunky which should carry through your new concept

3. Keep a cohesive color scheme: pinterest is a great recourse to find color palettes.

I hope you enjoyed this super easy tutorial. I have a bunch more step-by-step how to draw’s if you’re interested in levelling up your drawing skills.

See you next tutorial!

♡ Laura

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