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Step by step tutorial: How to draw a perfect square

When we construct our drawings we often find ourselves having to draw primitives. Let’s explore how to draw a perfect square with just a few easy steps!

How to draw a perfect square

A square is nothing more than 4 lines of equal length touching each other’s beginning- and endpoint at a 90-degree angle.

If you want a perfect (aka mathematically perfect) square you need tools like a ruler or a geometry triangle.

Since you’re probably on this page to learn how to draw or sketch a square freehandedly we’ll focus on how to do that instead.

Step 1: Bounding box

How to draw a perfect square

Let’s start with drawing a bounding box. This is just a rough estimation of our square. It’s only used to define the size.

Step 2: Deciding our length

Let’s draw the bottom line of our square. Since we know the size of our box, we can easily decide on a fitting length for our line.

How to draw a perfect square

Step 3: Measure

Next, we need to measure how long this line is because we have to repeat it 3 more times. We can either use:

  • A ruler
  • Our pencil
  • Eyeball it
Measure line
Bring over to mark new line

If you need to be super precise you’ll need a ruler. If it’s a sketch you can use your pencil to measure the length and then bring your pencil over to both sides of our line and mark it.

Marked where the new lines end
Added new lines

The new lines have to sit at a 90-degree angle (be perpendicular to our first drawn line). Here’s a handy tip: Use your paper as a guide for drawing straight lines. Match your lines with the sides of your paper so they’re parallel. This helps you get a straight line.

Tip 2: Don’t move your wrist when drawing a line. Use your whole arm instead. This also prevents you from having a curved line.

step 4: Connect & finish!

Connect the last remaining line.


Okay, this probably all makes sense to you and you probably wonder why you even need a step by step tutorial on how to draw a perfect square.

It’s always a good idea to read up on how to do certain things, even if you’ve done it 100 times already. You might find a little more wisdom or a few handy tricks that makes everything logical and easier.

You’ll never know when this tutorial might come in handy, like when drawing a perfect circle. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? :’)

Good on you for freshen up how to draw the basics! Keep doing this and you’ll go far. Even with the simplest of things.

See you next tutorial,

♡ Laura

P.s You can buy a right angle ruler to make life easy

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