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This premium printable color wheel allows you to print a CMY-based color wheel in the comfort of your own home. Cut it out, glue it together, and use some paper fasteners to get an interactive wheel!


Introducing our Printable Color Wheel – Your Ultimate Color Companion


Unlock the world of color with ease and creativity using our beautifully designed, high-quality, and printable color wheel. Whether you’re an artist, designer, educator, or just someone passionate about color, this essential tool is your go-to resource.


This download includes:

  • An unsegmented color wheel
  • Color wheel shades
  • Color wheel tints
  • Color wheel saturation
  • Blended color hue wheel (I just added this one for fun :) )
  • Overlay triad
  • Overlay tetradic (2x)
  • Overlay complementary
  • Overlay mini (includes most of the harmonies but not all in one overlay)
  • Overlay analogous
  • Overlay split complementary
  • An empty segmented wheel for you to fill in
  • An empty ”pizza style” segmented wheel for you to fill in
  • Instructions


Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Color Reference: Our color wheel displays the full spectrum of colors, making it a perfect reference for understanding color relationships and harmonies. This wheel is a CMY-based wheel.
  2. Perfect for All Ages: Ideal for classrooms, art studios, and creative spaces, this color wheel is accessible and educational for all ages, from beginners to experts.
  3. Convenient and Printable: Easily print it from the comfort of your home or office. Hang it up as a poster or keep it in your sketchbook for quick, on-the-go reference.
  4. Versatile and Inspirational: Use it for a wide range of creative projects, from painting and design to crafting and interior decorating. Let it spark your color ideas and imagination.
  5. Easy-to-Understand: Our color wheel includes harmony overlays. Cut them out to overlay over any wheel. There is also a mini overlay which is made to go over the wheel that is unsegmented
  6. Elevate your artistic and design endeavors, teach color theory effectively, and bring your creative visions to life with our Printable Color Wheel. It’s an indispensable tool that you’ll turn to again and again.

Get your download today and let the colors flow!


The wheels come in printables of A4 size and letter size.


Please do not reprint these wheels for anyone else. If you want to use these for your classroom e-mail me at social@oleanderstudios so I can give you a reduced price for your classroom (so you won’t have to buy dozens of these).

Additional information

File format

ZIP file containing JPEGs

Printable size

A4 and letter


Non refundable purchase due to it being an instant purchase. See terms and conditions for more information

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  1. Macy

    Fun activity to do with my kids!!

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