Learn color theory

hue value saturation

1. Hue, value, & saturation explained

This easy to read article explains what color is all about.

how to use a color wheel

2. How to use a color wheel

Using a color wheel is what makes color theory easy.

what are complementary colors

3. What are complementary colors?

Complementary colors aren't just opposite colors.

difference cmy rby rgb


Learn which primaries are best.

cool vs warm colors explained

5. Warm vs cool colors

Learn how to identify color temperature.

how to avoid muddy colors when painting

6. How to avoid muddy colors

Muddy colors no more after reading this article!

how to create paint color palette

7. How to create a color palette for your painting

This intriguing article helps you select a limited palette.

how to mix pastels

8. How to create pastel colors

Learn how to mix delicate colors.

color psychology explained

9. Color psychology

Lead with emotions through color psychology.