You are currently viewing 11 easy Easter Egg designs that look cute at Easter’s brunch

11 easy Easter Egg designs that look cute at Easter’s brunch

Need some cute easter egg design inspiration this year? Here are 11 designs that look good on your Easter brunch table!

1. The Classic Bun

Use a pastel color to draw or paint two bunny ears and a heart-shaped nose!

easter bunny easter egg design

2. Abstract to match your theme

This design is great because you can use any color that matches your Easter theme. Go for a color and then shift the hue to create the second color. For example blueish-purple and a reddish-purple, bluish-green and a yellow-green etc.

abstract easter egg design

3. Hearts, hearts and hearts!

I used an offset grid to design this heart egg. Don’t make the heart too perfect, I think it’s way more charismatic to see it’s hand-drawn!

hearts easter egg design

4. Easter wreath

Draw a circle with a pencil. Then, use a marker with a small tip and draw the leaves. Allow it to dry and then erase the pencil.

wreath easter egg design

5. . Shut eyes – kids classic!

These eyes are a very popular design. Simply draw this with a marker! You might want to draw some guidelines to get a symmetrical result.

easy kids easter egg design

6. Over the rainbow

For this design I used one color with different saturations.

rainbow easter egg design

7. Minimakistic leaves

For this one, I choose a dark brown color. Back seemed too harsh.

easter egg design easy

How to paint Easter Eggs with acrylic paint

8. Flora

This romantic flower exists out of 3 main lines. The two outer lines have rounded leaves and the line in the middle has a flower with pointed leaves.

flower easter egg design

9. Head in the clouds

These cute little clouds are super fun to paint!

cute easter egg design

10. Heart of gold

Grab quality gold paint and paint a heart!

cute easter egg design


Paint an abstract ”blob” and then write a short message. This looks extra fun when you do it in calligraphy!

trendy easter egg design

I hope you got some inspiration. Worried if you can safely consume Easter eggs after they’ve been painted? Check out this article here!

Have fun painting this year’s Easter eggs :)

♡ Laura

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