You are currently viewing 10 Christmas color palettes for your holiday art in 2021

10 Christmas color palettes for your holiday art in 2021

When it’s the most wonderful time of the year I like to capture it with my art. What’s better to capture the Christmas Spirit with color? Here’s a list of 5 Christmas Color Palettes for you to incorporate in your artwork. Let’s explore them!

10 Christmas color palettes

So, the following palettes show hues that are associated with Christmas. The swatches don’t cover the full range of values, though. That’s up to you! Your design determines your values. The reference image for the swatches gives you an idea of how saturated your colors should be.


Confused by hue, value and saturation? Read this easy peasy article on what they actually mean!

1. Classic Christmas

Christmas Color palettes 2021

This is the classic Christmas color palette. It features the warmth of the red and orange, a desaturated green, and a hint of white for those extra sparkles.

2. Merry and bright

Christmas Color palettes 2021

These colors are similar to the previous palette. But note how some of the hues are far more saturated. Increasing the saturation of warm hues gives the feeling of warmth and joy. Which are two very important components of Christmas!

3. Dramatic Christmas color palette

Christmas Color palettes 2021

Not every Christmas is merry and bright! Play with the value of these hues to create a strong contrast resulting in a dramatic scene.

4. It's a cool Christmas

Christmas Color palettes 2021

The color palette of this Christmas tree is gorgeous! The yellow compliments the blue and green very well. Paired with a very dark value these colors will make your painting pop!

5. Christmas color palette pastel

Christmas Color palettes 2021

These romantic colors are perfect for a soft and glowing look. The cool grayish blue goes so well together with the warmth of the nudes!

6. Christmas Cabin Coziness

Christmas Color palettes 2021

Using colors that are all warm will get you that Christmas cabin coziness.

7. Sparkle all the way

Christmas Color palettes 2021

The dark brown/black go so well with the yellows and oranges in this bokeh effect. Throw in a dash of brown/red to bring it all together.

8. Stockings are hung with care

Christmas Color palettes 2021

These colors capture a cozy Christmas morning. Not how the blue and orange are desaturated but the green and red are very vivid. Gotta love that contrast!

9. Dreaming of a white Christmas

Christmas Color palettes 2021

The blue tints and shades of the snow go very well together with the greens of the trees. The orange gives your scene that extra spark!

10. Christmas Chic

Christmas Color palettes 2021

And finally this chic Christmas color palette. These sophisticated colors give your artwork a beautiful look. Also great for classy Christmas invitations!

How to get your own color palette from an image

Pinterest is an excellent source for color inspiration. Once you’ve found an image with the colors you like, pick out 3 or 4 colors you definitely want to use. When you use these colors on your paint palette make sure they are as saturated as can be! You can always desature them, but you cannot make them more vivid.

Pick your colors wisely because color psychology is no joke!

If you’re in need of subject inspiration check out my Christmas Lyric art challenge!

I hope you found some color inspiration for your holiday artwork. Let me know how it worked out for ya! 



♡ Laura

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